Carrera Time Machine

A collaboration with TAG Heuer, the world-renowned Swiss watch brand known for their high-quality sports watches. The model is based on the CARRERA, which is one of TAG Heuer’s boldest and sportiest models. The clock hands have taken on a more classical shape. This is inspired with an image a local traditional watchmaker repaired the chronograph, only to find that a pair of clock hands from a vintage watch was placed by mistake; a new kind of ‘right answer’. To highlight this uniqueness in this watch, the packaging takes its motif from an old book, when opened a red bookmark and paper knife in the shape of a classical clock hand together with the watch. The watch also comes with a glass clock stand and the shop displays of this watch feature the packaging, together with a range of tools and trinkets reminiscent of an old watchmaker’s workshop.

Client: TAG Heuer |  Packaging
Collaborator: nendo

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