Many factors determine a chocolate’s taste. With a new chocolate concept, attention was turned to chocolate’s  shape, not a commom factor. The 9 different types of chocolate are made featuring pointed tips, hollow interiors, smooth or rough surface texture and, while the raw materials are identical, the distinctive textures create different tastes.  Each chocolate is directly named after Japanese expressions used to describe texture.

1. “tubu-tubu” Chunks of smaller chocolate drops.
2. “sube-sube” Smooth edges and corners.
3. “zara-zara” Granular like a file.
4. “toge-toge” Sharp pointed tips.
5. “goro-goro” Fourteen connected small cubes.
6. “fuwa-fuwa” Soft and airy with many tiny holes.
7. “poki-poki” A cube frame made of chocolate sticks.
8. “suka-suka” A hollow cube with thin walls.
9. “zaku-zaku” Alternately placed thin chocolate rods forming a cube.

Client: Maison&Objet Paris  |  Dessert
Collaborator: nendo

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