Palace Seoul

For the British skating and fashion brand Palace, the two-story flagship store is inspired from a “Korean Palace,” per the brand. The concept is the juxapose of Korean traditional elements with Palace DNA.

A simple facade that houses an angled, three-dimensional Palace logo on an otherwise blank wall is inspired from the Moon-Jar. Upon entrance, green wooden walls feature intricately-carved out details, which complement a curved mirrored display that’s lined with skateboard decks. Below, the floor flashes the label’s branding, with an embedded screen in the shape of the letter “P.”

Further inside, dark wood composes the walls and the floors, while marble slabs form podiums for accessories, bases for clothing racks and seats for shoppers. On the second floor, a massive screen wall showcases the label’s latest promotional campaigns, and a gargantuan bulldog statue nods to Palace’s archives. Stone fragments, inspired by the Tri-Ferg logo, act as benches in the center of a gallery space for the brand’s latest drops.

Client: Palace Skateboards, Worksout  |  Retail  
Collaborator: yoso, 3.3058

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