Seoul Art Week 2023

City of Seoul started a new 10 days art festival in 2023 to coincide with international art fairs such as Frieze Seoul and Kiaf Seoul. Various art museums and galleries participated with exhibitions, installations, and events to showcase various renowned and young artists and their art works.
As the art director, with various collaborators, was responsible creating visual identity, signage, environmental graphics, prints, exhibition design for info centers (Hann, and digital products such as the official website and app to align with Seoul Art Week. 
The request was to create a simple text only brand identity that could be applied in physical and digital spaces.
A simple repeated text identity in diminishing sizes was designed playing with perspective and simultaneously creating an architectural form inspired from a pagoda in Korean traditional temples.
This simple brand identity gave freedom to apply to all the required physical to digital applications.
Flourescent green was used for eye-catching and energetic identity, and to celebrate the young artists. 
For the motion applications, natural elements such as shadows, waves, and clouds were designed as backdrops to the brand identity to convey all art forms and inspired from nature in some ways. Also, these backdrops provide a sense of calmness for viewers.
Client: City of Seoul  |  Art Direction, Signage, Environmental Graphics, Digital Products, Exhibition
Collaborators: Artifacts, Studio AMJ, Sunny Oh, Kiwon Lee

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